Reduce Those Excess Pounds Fast with an Adipex Weight Loss Program from Our Center in Dublin, Ohio

Proven Children's Weight Loss

                    That Promotes Better Eating Habits for Your Kids

Is your child one of the millions that are overweight for his or her age? If so, Dr. Bharmota MD is here to help. Our doctor supervised weight loss program also promotes children's weight loss. Give your kid a head start on good health with children's weight loss advice from our center in Dublin, Ohio.
Children, Children's Weight Loss in Dublin, OH

Customized Children's Weight Loss
Dr. Bharmota bases her children's weight loss program on the same diet and vitamin therapy that she uses for her adult patients. The difference is that she gears the diet portion of the program for the special needs of developing children.

Typical weight loss for children is 3 lbs. to 4 lbs. per week. A behavior modification program is included to promote healthy, lifelong eating habits. Call us today at (614) 792-3438 to order the program or schedule an appointment with Dr. Bharmota for hands-on help with your child's weight loss goals.

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! Several months ago, my 7-year-old granddaughter Madison started your program. Her mother and daddy started her on the program Wednesday, February 20th. The 1st week she lost 5 lbs...the 2nd week she lost 2 lbs...and the 3rd week, Wednesday, March 13th, she lost 1 pound but is wearing a pair of jeans that she could not even zip up 3 weeks ago!!! We are all so proud of her and we're so excited. Thank You and God Bless!"
- Debbie
Columbus, Ohio

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the program. My son, Josh, age 9, just started it last week and he's lost 5 lbs. We are extremely happy with the changing of his eating habits. Although it was a little tough on the weekend, we kept our positive attitudes and kept encouraging him with the long-term results. Having him help plan his meals was a key part to his successful first week. Thank you! Not only has this helped my son, it has helped make our home a healthy one!"
- Leslie
Dublin, Ohio

"Hello, I just wanted to say Thank You for making this program available. We started Samantha on Dr. Bharmota's  program nearly 2 months ago for my daughter. She has lost 17 pounds, effortlessly. Her whole way of approaching food has changed for the better. She seems more satisfied after meals, never asks for snacks, I'm just blown away by this. She looks absolutely fabulous, and she got her part in the Nutcracker Ballet this year. She's still about 9 pounds from her ideal weight, but from what she's lost already, she looks like a whole different kid. It's always been rough on her, having the extra weight, especially since her sister is very petite."
- Sharon and Paul
Columbus, Ohio

"I'm just amazed at how easy this was to follow, and eternally grateful...because my daughter is happier and healthier, and I haven't seen her this sure of herself, ever. I took her shopping for new clothes last week because her old jeans were falling off her. She's down from a size 12 to a size 8...and even it is looking baggy. Once she loses the last 9 pounds, I'll be taking her back for size 6. Incredible!"
- Marty

Contact us at (614) 792-3438 in Dublin, Ohio, for a children's
weight loss program that helps your kid avoid early health problems.

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