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Therapy That Helps You Shed Pounds
from Our Weight Loss Center

Dr. Bharmota MD is the place to call when you're serious about losing weight. Our weight loss center specializes in a doctor supervised weight loss program using Adipex diet pills and vitamins. Avoid high blood pressure and diabetes with treatment at our weight loss center in Dublin, Ohio.

Weight Loss for the Health Conscious

Dr. Bharmota's advanced medically researched diet program and vitamin therapy is one of the most successful programs for weight loss in the country. She has helped thousands of people lose weight the healthy way, and has provided them with the tools and information they need to maintain their weight loss for years after finishing the program. Call us today at (614) 792-3438 to order the program or schedule an appointment with Dr. Bharmota MD.

Weight Goals

You need to change the way you think about food and exercise to establish a healthy lifestyle, and nobody understands that more than we do. Although our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight, we also emphasize the importance of education in helping you develop healthy habits.

Weight Loss Counseling

We provide medical weight loss counseling on subjects ranging from nutrition and fitness to behavioral modification and medical treatment. Our comprehensive weight loss approach is proven to be effective in helping our patients lose weight, in part because we develop a customized program for them.

David - Before

David - After

David lost 102 lbs. in about 3 months!

Gina - Before

Gina - After

Gina lost 123 lbs. in 4 and half months!

Leslie - Before

Leslie - After

Leslie lost a whopping 247 lbs. less than 9 months!

Joe - Before

Joe - After

Joe lost 212 lbs. less than 7 months!

Marianne - Before

Marianne - After

Marianne lost 231 lbs. less than 8 months!

Patrick - Before

Patrick - After

Patrick lost 117 lbs. 3 and a half months!


"I should've joined Dr. Bharmota's weight loss program years ago. I had seen the commercials but didn't believe it could work. I have been battling weight all my life. Now, I feel healthier than I ever have. I met my goal but still see Dr. Bharmota for her amazing vitamin injections."
- Alyson
Powell, Ohio
"My husband and I joined Dr. Bharmota's program after trying to lose weight on our own. I had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and he had high blood pressure when we started the program. After about 6 weeks, he was able to stop taking his blood pressure pills because he had lost 46 lbs. and didn't need them anymore. After 4 months and a 97 lb. loss, I was able to avoid having to take insulin shots. We are so thankful for Dr. Bharmota and her amazing program."
- Susan and William 
Plain City, Ohio

"I had to lose weight for my job and a friend recommended Dr. Bharmota. She had lost weight there and kept it off for over 5 years. I was under the wire and didn't want to start a fad diet so I joined Dr. Bharmota's diet. It is healthy and she monitors you every step of the way. I found the cost to be affordable and it really worked. I lost 37 lbs. in about 6 weeks and kept my job and improved my love life."
- Jack 
Columbus, Ohio

Contact our weight loss center at (614) 792-3438 in Dublin, Ohio, for treatment that helps you maintain a healthy weight.